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At last, Ditto is finally being released into the wild! John Hanke has teased us a few times saying there are still undiscovered easter eggs in the game. There has been many wild theories and speculations on methods to catch this elusive Pokémon, though instead of Ditto being an easter egg waiting to be found, it [&hellip

Today marks another massive balance update to Pokémon GO, along with another event!   Thanksgiving Event The US holiday Thanksgiving is this week and Niantic has a neat event coming our way! As a thank you to us trainers, Niantic is giving us DOUBLE XP and DOUBLE Stardust during the duration of this event! Start: [&hellip

While I was browsing my Twitter feed last night, I saw this interesting image shared by Masashi Kawashima of Niantic Labs. I shared it off to a few friends, chalking it up to VERY good luck. Scrolling further into my feed, I saw a post from Pokémon GO Japan. The translation from Google was a little rough, [&hellip

It’s not tracking, trading, or 1v1 battles, but still is a welcomed feature! The grind is real in Pokémon GO and the recent changes to gyms have made it even more hard for casual trainers to obtain Stardust. If you haven’t noticed, most gyms are always capped out at level 10 by hardcore trainers with little turn [&hellip

On the 24th, Niantic teased us about the coming Halloween Event! The event is now LIVE, so lets go over the details!   Earn Candy from Buddy Pokémon four times as fast During the event, Buddy Distance required to earn Candy from a Pokémon has been divided by 4. Example: It usually takes 3km to [&hellip

Welcome everyone to another teardown of Pokémon Go. For those new to our blog, we make a difference report between two versions (In this case 0.39.1 and 0.41.2) and blog about the differences. This allows to find the upcoming and latest changes. With that out of the way, let’s jump into 0.41.2. Badges v2 & Catch [&hellip

As time goes on, Niantic has been making efforts to balance Pokémon GO. We’ve seen balances come in ways of move adjustments, the recently released Buddy System, and now Type Capture Bonuses! This new feature will hopefully assist Trainers in completing their Pokédex and more easily catch those hard to find Pokémon when they encounter them. Let’s [&hellip


When you first start Pokémon Go, there is a lot that you just have to figure out from experience and you have to sift through the bad advice and incorrect tips found on the internet. One of these incorrect tips, by the way, is tapping on a missed Pokeball to retrieve it (it doesn’t work). So here are some actual, proven,…


Nests have been recently changing and everyone who is still playing Pokémon GO is trying to take advantage of the nest changes in hopes to evolve a certain Pokémon.  Nests have been a nice little surprise that has made the game interesting throughout it’s duration. According to Reddit, there has been an increasing supported theory that some nests have a much higher…


The latest update brought more good things to Pokémon Go than we originally thought. Pokémon Go nests have migrated and there are more spawn points than ever before. Now it’s been confirmed that the update has made a big change to Pokémon Go gym battles. Here’s what we know. Gym battles are now more responsive and there isn’t that annoying…

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